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Boy Scout Troop 119- Scouting, Catch the Wave!
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Canoe Trip Packing List

This is a list of what you need to bring on the Canoe Trip

Water Canteen
Class B T- Shirt
Shorts/ Dry shirt
Zip Lock bags (Clothes Storage)
Back Pack
Socks and Shoes
Sleeping bag or roll
Sunglasses (Optional)
Aqua socks/ Sandals
Insect Repellent
Money for dinner and lunch there and on the way back
You may bring CD players, Game Boys, and other equipment for the trip over and back ONLY!  If you are caught with electronic entertainment equipment along the river they will be taken from you and you will never get them back.  Snacks must be kept to a minimum and there will be no littering along the river.  Food will be provided by the troop along the river.

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