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Boy Scout Troop 119- Scouting, Catch the Wave!
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Summer Camp Information

Here is a shorter version of the information you recieved for summer camp. 

Items needed for Upward Bound participants
Sleeping bag
Paper and pencil or pen
Folding or lock- blade knife
Two Man tent (Troop will supply)
Back pack
Boy Scout Handbook
Saturday June 19th
7:15 AM- Meet at Trinity Community Church
8:00 AM- Depart
12:00 Noon- Lunch near St. Augustine, FL
5:00 PM- Stop for the night in Walterboro, SC
Howard Johnson Express (843) 538-5473
Sunday June 20th
9:00 AM- Leave Walterboro
12:30 PM- Lunch in Saluda, NC
2:00 PM- Check in to camp
Council phone: EMERGENCIES ONLY! (864) 585-4391
Saturday June 26th 
10:00 AM- Depart camp
1:00 PM- Lunch in St. George, SC
6:00 PM- Stop in St. Augustine, FL for the night
Days Inn West (904) 824-4341
Sunday June 27th
9:00 AM- Leave St. Augustine
12:00 Noon- Lunch near Port St. Lucie
2:30- Arrive back at Trinity Community Church

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