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Boy Scout Troop 119- Scouting, Catch the Wave!

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Our Leaders

These are the People Responsible for our Successful Troop!

Scout Leaders
Senior Patrol Leader: MJ Metzger
ASPL: GianCarlo Pattani
Stealth Patrol Leader: Nick Morley
Camouflage Patrol Leader: Victor
Scorpions Patrol Leader: Joey Jordan
Quartermaster:  Akim Magloire
Webmaster:  Kevin Woodmansee
Chaplain's Aid: James Nolan
Librarian: Ryan Woodmansee
Scribe: Jacob Feller
Bugler: Brandon DesVergers

Troop 119

Adult Leaders
Scoutmaster:  Mr. Biviano
Asst. Scoutmaster:  Mr. Holmes
Treasurer:  Mr. Lewis
Secretary:  Mrs. Biviano
Committee Chair:  Mrs. Chalker
Outdoor Director:  Mr. Woodmansee
Advancements:  Mr. DesVergers

Boy Scouts